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Investing in rental housing projects in the free sector, particularly in the mid- and upper range rental segment, in the strongest European economic and demographic areas.[trans].png









Here's How We Tackle The Key Investment Risks 🔗  In Real Estate;


We have many years of experience of investing in real estate. We closely follow both Dutch and European real estate trends. Our knowledge of markets (at a macro and micro level), our thorough research, and our extensive data analyses provide us with a clear view of the future.


We know where the best investments are likely to be, and we know how to keep assets, neighborhoods and metropolitan regions attractive – enabling us to realize solid long-term returns.

We invest indirectly – via listed and non-listed real estate – and make full use of the expertise and experience of our local brokerage division (Volker - Crei). Most of our portfolio focuses on long-term investments that have a low risk profile.


We spread our investments over different countries and sectors generating a stable, inflation-resistant ROI. Rental income from our real estate portfolio is a key part of this, as is making sure our tenants are happy. In addition, we also work to boost the value of our portfolio by buying discounted assets and renovating older buildings prior to renting them out. We take a long-term approach to investments, with a growth strategy based on quality and sustainability  🔗 


We take a long-term view of our investments and are, therefore, a socially responsible investor. We invest in livable, inclusive and sustainable cities and regions – places where people want to live or work/live, both now and in the future.





As far as investing is concerned, the real estate sector has appealed to investors since ages. Given a choice, more serious investors prefer purchasing property as an investment over bonds, mutual funds etc. Nevertheless, just like any other venture, there are risks and rewards of real estate investment as well. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced investor, it is important to know about the risk factors and here is how 'we' tackle them;

We oversee, manage and coach that our local based specialists in the area's we invest in, constantly study and analyze the real estate markets and evaluate all the risks involved, including legislative risk on a daily basis.


These specialists, they are our eyes, our confidants and legal & management executors that know the area, laws, regulations, etc, they live in the best.

Besides their local expertise, they not only monitor risk in their region we invest in, they also assist us in expanding our investment portfolio by monitoring 24/7 the real-estate that comes available, provide indoor legal advise during and after the purchase procedure, assist us in the property management and property maintenance through our "All In1"

investment structure.

Real estate prices, i.e. in The Netherlands, have risen enormously in the recent years and asking prices of available real-estate are almost always outbid due to a major shortage of housing and among this and more, the increasing growth of its population.


Rent of the rare availability of rental houses have almost doubled in recent years and in the private sector (in which we invest) there are even no limitations / restrictions on the yearly rental asking price. (Shortage defines Pricing). 

We created a structure where we only purchase discounted real estate packages, mostly through an international network of banks, developers, auctions and (local) tax-authorities, off-market and private offerings, aiming a 30% total costs reduction (incl. purchase price) under actual market value creating long term buffers should the market value of our real-estate portfolio stagnate or decrease or any other general market risk factor as explained above may occur. 


Renovation projects we aim to purchase with a minimum of 50% costs reduction (incl. purchase price) and specialty projects, i.e. non-completed large residential projects often offered to us by developers in Spain, we buy and complete against pre-calculated project prices generating excellent long-term ROI.

With our "All In 1" investment structure (Investment, property management, real-estate brokerage, indoor attorney's and notaries plus our own construction and maintenance contractors) we invest in the European economically stronger regions, where the demand for real-estate is highest.
We focus on the Holland Metropolis (Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and Eindhoven) and the beautiful eastern coastal areas of Spain, including the Spanish islands.
Our brokerage division (Volker-Crei) has also developed specific tenant profiles, based on studies of different life cycles. This way we know who our (potential) tenants are, where they come from and what kind of home they want to live in. In turn, we can offer tenants a home that suits their needs and ensure a high occupancy rate.

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